Are your kitchen countertops due for an upgrade? At Extravagant Restorations we can help! Turn your old countertops to new with epoxy resin countertops

Epoxy Resin Countertops

Are your countertops becoming outdated? Would you love to have them replaced but just don’t have the budget to go with natural stone? At Extravagant Restorations we can give your countertops the look and feel of polished natural stone without the high cost using our epoxy resin countertops. Installing epoxy countertops can add a unique “finished” look. For more than 18 years we at Extravagant Restorations have been offering beautiful and durable epoxy countertop installations in the Baytown area.

Benefits of Installing Epoxy Countertops

One of the greatest benefits of installing our epoxy resin countertops is that it is a much more affordable option compared to natural stone countertops. They are made from a resin that achieves a natural stone look at a much more affordable price. They have an exceptionally solid surface, great for food prep because it will not promote the growth of bacteria, and you are not limited by stone availability or specific slab sizes. All of our countertops are custom manufactured allowing for unique coloring for any range or combination of colors.

More Epoxy Countertop Benefits

Durability: One of the biggest benefits is durability. Epoxy countertops can withstand heat up to 500 degrees and show no signs of damage, and they have higher impact resistance compared to other materials. And if you have a kitchen with a lot of natural sunlight you can rest assured that the sunlight wont affect the color because the material is UV resistant.

Quick Installation: We can have your epoxy resin countertops installed and ready to go in just a couple of days

Easy Cleaning: Epoxy resin is both nontoxic and nonporous, this means that liquids will not be absorbed unlike other natural stone. This makes it much easier to clean and maintain.

Epoxy Countertop Installation

If you are interested in upgrading your kitchen but dont want the hefty price tag of concrete countertops or natural stone, consider epoxy countertops that will never fade and will last for years. If you live in the north Houston area give us a call today at Extravagant Restorations.