Most people who have tried already know what a chore it is to try and clean your home’s carpeting yourself, along with all the resulting problems. While you may have had some great intentions of making your carpet look great again, when ends up happening is your expectations turn into disappointment as you end up with we dirty carpet that starts smelling moldy after a few days of being soggy. And after all that work, the carpeting ends up looking just as bad if not worse. For these reasons and more, carpet cleaning is something that should be left to the professionals to handle.

Lets take a look at a few reasons you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Baytown.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning your own carpeting is no easy task, especially if you’ve never attempted this before. First you need to make a trip to the store to rent and pick up a heavy carpet cleaning machine, load it into your car and unload it again once you get home. Additionally they are usually a pain to operate and most of the time just make things worse by leaving behind a lot more water in the carpet. With a professional carpet cleaning company you get high powered truck mounted equipment that is much more powerful than one of those machines you rent at the grocery store. This means a much deeper cleaning and vacuum strong enough to pull out much of the water used for cleaning, leaving the carpet drier faster.

Those DIY carpet cleaning machines that you can rent really lack the power and suction to remove the water, usually resulting in a soaking wet carpet. This water can soak through to the padding which can result in mold growth. Professional equipment has strong enough suction to remove almost all of the water used, most often leaving the floor damp to the touch. Another advantage to using professional carpet cleaning companies is that any pre-treatment or stain removal products are rinsed from the fibers leaving no chemical residue behind that causes re-soiling.

Additionally we can provide carpet protectant after cleaning to help prevent future spills from soaking down into the carpet. This protective coating will give you time to soak up spills before soaking into the fibers, keeping your carpeting cleaner for a longer period.

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